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For The Old Soul

Past Life Regression Therapy

soul regression therapy

Are you wanting to grow personally and spiritual?

Do you want to understand your soul’s history?

Are you experiencing symptoms that have no explanation in your current life?

Do you continually repeat patterns or have blocks that are holding you back in life?

Do you want more than a mere glimpse at a past life?

Do you want to clear the baggage, subconscious programming, karmic debts or perhaps understand why you keep attracting the same types of people or relationships?

Past life Regression Therapy empowers you to understand and heal, giving you a direct experience of your souls previous incarnations. It allows you to remove the blocks so that you can move forward in your life. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and this is just one expression of your souls journey, this life is only one piece of the puzzle, to experience the remembering of other incarnations you can understand the common threads, patterns or karmic influences that may be keeping you blocked in this life.

Your soul’s experiences can follow you through multiple incarnations. During a past life regression we examine these common threads, this provides not only the answers that you seek but often results in clearing long held karmic patterns. You may discover, clarify or clear any soul agreements made that no longer serve you. Often habits, fears, phobias, wealth and health issues can be triggered and anchored in our distant past and stored within our cellular memory and sub-conscious mind, creating inner conflicts and health problems in this life. Once cleared many problems often disappear.

One single lifetime is like looking at only one scene in a play. The therapeutic goal for past life regression therapy is to restructure understanding of our current life in the light of our extended experiences from other lifetimes. Seeing the big picture helps us to understand the whole play rather than trying to understand the theme based only on one scene.

Please note that these sessions are more than just a mere look into a past life, many new age therapists offer past life regressions but they are more of a meditation type process peering in at the surface level of one lifetime rather than a therapeutic process for understanding and change.


What happens in a Past Life Regression Therapy Session?

After explaining the process and discussing what you would like to deal with, you will relax in our oversized amazingly comfy recliner, this helps you to feel fully relaxed and safe. You will then be guided into the hypnotic state, this is a relaxed state similar to daydreaming or the feeling just before you fall asleep or before you are fully awake. It is a normal natural process, one that we go through every day.


During the session you will be aware, you will hear what is said to you, you will be able to speak and remember your experience. When we are in the past life we can move backwards or forwards in that lifetime, collecting and gathering information, gaining understanding of that life and the major themes, lessons and patterns. Once we have an understanding of that lifetime we then move to the very last day of that life and to the moment death has occurred when the soul leaves the physical body, this brings even more insights of that lifetime and how it relates to your current life, it is then at this moment a guide or love one comes to meet the crossing soul.

As with any therapy, it is impossible to guarantee specific results as each person’s experience will be different. Often these sessions are very much guided by higher consciousness and you will only be shown what is relevant for your soul’s growth at that particular time.


Past life regression therapy sessions generally take around 2½-3 hours and the total cost is $300.00.
Please note that a Past life Regression is a pre-requisite to a Soul Regression – Afterlife session

Your session will be digitally recorded for you onto a CD and will be posted to you shortly after the session.

To book your session, please contact Charmaine on 0414303719 or send us an enquiry through the Contact Us page.



For The Old Soul, Journey into the Afterlife

After Life Regression

afterlife soul regression therapy

Do you want answers to the big questions – Who am I? Why am I here? This doesn’t feel like home?

Are you seeking a more in depth connection with your higher self?

What is this life all about?

What is your soul purpose for this lifetime?

Would you like to connect deeply with your spiritual guides and soul family?

Who is in your soul family?

The afterlife is the belief that all souls ascend to a spirit place or realm after each incarnation. It is the place where all souls go to plan and prepare for the next incarnation, to reconnect with their soul family, to rest, to heal from a difficult or traumatic life, to learn, to meet with their spiritual advisors. It is, in that time between incarnations that allows the soul to reflect and reassess and make plans or contracts for the next incarnation maximising their soul growth each time.

What happens in a After Life Regression Therapy Session?

1In a Soul Regression – Afterlife session we guide the client beyond the death in the past life to journey on into the afterlife and connect with their immortal soul essence. We particular look at the very last incarnation before the current one, where the planning was made for this current incarnation that you are experiencing. This allows us to look at some of the decisions, choices and contracts that you made before coming into this life as well as often meeting with your spiritual guide, deceased love ones, soul mates, master guides, spiritual elders and meeting with your soul family, understanding the connections with people in this life and why you have chosen to be here at this time, in this place, with this particular set of parents, family, friends & partners.

Of course everyone’s sessions are different and this process is very much guided by a higher spiritual consciousness. As with the Past Life Regression you will be aware, you will hear everything that is said to you, you will be able to speak and remember your experience. However the Afterlife sessions are very much guided by your own spiritual team once the connection into the afterlife is made.

This is an experience unlike anything you could imagine, often people have deep and profound healing.
Before the session you will be asked to write a list of 10 questions that you would like to ask and these questions will be blended into the session to ensure that you gain information and clarity to address your individual needs.

Please Note:
A Soul Regression Therapy – Afterlife session can go for 3 – 3 ½ hours, hence why it is a pre-requisite that clients have successfully experienced a past life regression with me first before they book in for the more advanced Soul Regression – Afterlife session. People who are already familiar with hypnosis tend to enter into the hypnotic state more rapidly and are able to achieve a greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time. We need to ensure that your sub-conscious is able to achieve this very deep state of hypnosis.
As with any therapy there can be no guarantees of a particular experience, the session is very much guided by a higher consciousness so you will only be shown what is relevant for your soul’s growth at the time. However every effort will be made to ensure that you received what you need from the session. The fact that you are here reading this shows that there is a yearning there to explore so that is a usually a good indicator that spirit has information to share with you.


First Session – Past Life Regression takes between 2 ½ – 3 hours and cost $300.00
Second Session – Afterlife Regression takes up to 3 ½ – 4  hours and the cost is $430.00

Your session will be digitally recorded for you onto a CD for you and will be posted to you shortly after the session.

To book your session, please contact Charmaine on 0414303719 or send us an enquiry through the Contact Us page.



What does Regression feel like?

imagesCA8G0VK7Both the Past Life & Afterlife sessions are conducted through the use of a deep hypnotic state, it is the door into the subconscious mind where deep memories of your soul are kept.

It does however feel relaxing, normal and natural – because it is, hypnosis is a state of consciousness that occurs every day for every single person. Hypnosis is actually just the slowing of the brain wave cycles, we all, every one of us have 4 brain wave cycle states – Beta, Alpha, Theta & Delta. Beta, being the fully wide awake state and Delta, being a fully asleep state. The area of Alpha & Theta are used for daydreaming, focused attention, times when our mind wanders, meditation & hypnotic states, so it is in fact possible for every one of us to enter into the hypnotic state but we must want to be guided into that state by other. No one can be made to enter the hypnotic state if they don’t want to. But the state itself is not magical it is a naturally occurring state, that you go through every night before sleep and every morning as you wake up. Although in some people this state is not as easily achieved due to certain medication or mental health problems.

past life soul regression therapyAt any time during a session you could use your conscious mind to pull yourself out of this state, however you literally just don’t want to as the process is just too beneficial. During the session you will experience a greater level of detachment from the physical body as you enter deeper and deeper into the inner resources and memories of the subconscious, it is however perfectly safe, comfortable and relaxing, but at no time will you be asleep.

For some, Past life and After life sessions feels like being a detached observer telling a story, for others they feel the full awareness of what it’s like to be someone else in another body and time.

It is much like a waking dream, we will be talking throughout the session, so you will be speaking and describing all that you are experiencing. So you will never be alone and will always be guided and supported to achieve the best therapeutic benefits from the session.

Before each session we will be able to chat about the process and you will be able to ask questions. I conduct these sessions generally to specifically target or to address a particular current life issue or block that you are experiencing. So maybe have a think about this before the session. If you are just wanting to experience a session out of curiosity and interest, that is fine too but it tends to unfold into something more, gaining insight to some aspect of your life.

Many people have been told about a past life, sometime during a reading or healing, however being told about your past life is very very different from the amazing ability to experience it for yourself. Although quite often there is no correlation at all between a past life that has been discussed in a reading and the one you experience, let’s face it we have sometimes hundreds of lifetimes, where you go during your session totally depends on the issue you need resolution to and the guidance from your higher self and spiritual team.
Like undertaking any new experience it is normal to feel a little excited, a little curious and maybe even a little nervous. It is best to approach the session with no expectations, as you will only be shown what is appropriate for your highest and greatest benefit.

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me on 0414303719 or via the Contact Us page.