Sleeptalk Consultations

Kids-Sleeping-Positions-1Appointments of up to two hours long are made with the parent/s or carer/s. Children are not required to attend and in fact it is better if just the parent/s attend the appointment so the child is not hearing information about the process, this assures you that the results you get are purely from the work that you do with your child each night.

At your first appointment, I will be going through the ‘Where are they Now’ document with you discussing with you in detail the needs of your child/ren. You will also learn about background of SleepTalk, how it works and the nightly foundation technique.

Subsequent sessions look at the progress your child is making through the use of the technique. In these sessions it is also possible then to look at more specific issues and address these.

GeorgieStar Ideally SleepTalk is most effective when both parents are doing it, however often this is simply not possible – for various reasons. SleepTalk is still very effective even if it is done by only one parent.

Even if you can only do it with your child when you have them in your care, it is still better than nothing.

Most parents start to notice changes if not immediately, then within weeks.

Parents meet with me 3 times over a period of about 5 months and are mentored through the changes in their child (approx 8 weeks in-between each appointment).

Investment into your childs future

Sleeptalk Consultations – $150.00 (please note 1.5 hours are allocated for these sessions, this also includes back up phone consults when required) 

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