How Does it Work?

Parents work together to present the process each evening. During sleep the subconscious mind is always aware at a deep level, the Sleeptalk for Children process gives direct access without troubling the conscious mind which stays asleep during the process.

Sleeptalk for ChildrenParents use this knowledge to introduce positive statements to assist their child.The beauty of the Sleeptalk for Children process is its simplicity, both in content and delivery. With appropriate training, parents can convey to their children messages that deliver suitable beliefs and life strategies. Furthermore, as children are repeatedly exposed to positive language in the process, thoughts and values embed themselves into the child’s system of belief. The power of the process is that, once desirable thoughts and behaviours are in place, they are constantly being used, even in small and subtle ways throughout the day.

Eventually the positive system of thoughts and beliefs become an “ingrained habit” which will instigate non conscious life long changes in their behaviour.

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