Who Needs Sleeptalk?

My Children don’t have problems

This is a statement that’s made by many parents. Its not about whether your child needs Sleeptalk, but its most certainly a given that your child will benefit from it.

Self Esteem ProgramHowever all children have problems to one degree or another especially those exposed to anxiety, trauma and stress. Parents who utilize Sleeptalk have unique opportunity to assist their children to be the best they can be, to effect change at the deepest level of their child’s mind and improve the childs self esteem.

It empowers all parents to give children positive suggestions to help with general and specific issues, assisting parents in taking action, yet still allows the children to take ownership and full responsibility for their own growth. It is about building self assurance and to develop self confidence. For parents this fosters a sense of empowerment which all of our children need especially when dealing with trauma, anxiety, separation and stress.

The process offers additional methods for parents to help communicate important messages for effecting change. A gift that enables all children to overcome obstacles, recognize opportunities, maximise their potential for success. It is a parents greatest gift to their children.

I already talk to my children at night

Often parents say to me, but I already talk to my children at night when they are asleep. Yes this may be true but the process of sleeptalk allows you to access the subconscious part of the mind and give simple effective and very carefully worded change to the belief system of your child, this is why this process is so effective.

SleepTalk is a great Self Esteem Program to get your children into, hear what the children have to say or Contact Us to organise your session