Sleeptalk – the Goulding Process: For the Little Soul

“Sleeptalk – the Goulding Process” is a powerful tool created and taught by Joane Goulding, who developed the process 35 years ago. Sleeptalk assists in the development of your child’s emotional resilience – the mind’s “firewall”. It has often been described as a ‘powerful process of positive parenting’.

The Sleeptalk process teaches you how to assist your child to develop and/or retain a positive, confident, and happy self-image. It takes you only 3 to 4 minutes each night while your child is sleeping. (To learn more about how Sleeptalk works, click here.)

How Does Sleeptalk Help?

7Sleeptalk for children can assist with anxiety, ADD, bed-wetting, asthma, Aspergers, and a range of other problems, issues, and disorders your child may experience. However, Sleeptalk is not just for children facing problems. All children can benefit from the positive effects Sleeptalk has on self esteem.

Many parents tell me that they already talk to their sleeping children. That’s great – you’re already on the right track. However, the process of Sleeptalk is more than just talking. It’s about accessing your child’s subconscious and using simple, effective, carefully-worded approaches to positively alter their self-belief system.

Why Sleeptalk?

I believe in Sleeptalk because I have seen its positive effects in the life of my four-year-old son. You can read our story here.

Sleeptalk – the Goulding Process has been praised by many health and mental health experts. Feel free to learn what they have to say about the process and its benefits. You can also read comments from children whose parents have practiced Sleeptalk.

Enjoy the Benefits

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