Quit Smoking

Dear Smoker,
You have come to the right place!!!If you have tried and tried again you will know that quitting can be hard, failure almost seems part of the quitting process. You have seen those TV commercials that tell you that you “might” need 7 attempts to quit, I guess all those companies have to sell there patches, gum and tablets to someone…Right??Quitting Nicotine is the easy part, smoking is more about the habit than about the nicotine, if you have tried patches you will know regardless of the fact that there is nicotine going into your blood stream, often more than you would normally have from smoking..you still wanted a cigarette?? YES??

For most people for years and years you have given your subconscious mind the message to smoke, for years you have taught your mind to expect that with every coffee there is a cigarette, after every meal there is a cigarette, every time you drive the car there is a cigarette, for every break at work or from the kids there is a cigarette.  You have taught your mind that it is the first thing that happens in a day and the last thing you do before bed.


Your subconscious mind is a very good girl/boy it listens and remembers and alerts you the second something is missing, so on that Monday morning when all the good intentions you have to quit actually occurs it doesn’t take long before your subconscious mind is screaming at you alerting you that the cigarette is missing, there in starts the war in your mind until you finally give in and go and get a cigarette, finally shutting up that voice in your head.


What you have here is a HABIT a HABIT that is strong, a HABIT which has been imprinted in the subconscious mind over and over again.  The HABIT is like a computer program sitting in your subconscious mind, it is the subconscious mind that I work with, that is why Hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking for good.


What I do is go into that program that is sitting in your subconscious and I begin to deconstruct it piece by piece, so that cigarettes no longer belong with coffee or with driving or any of the other times you smoke throughout your day, we get rid of the program and all the associations and tell the subconscious mind how it is going to be. It really is that simple!!!!


I’m here to tell you that it really doesn’t need to be that hard.  If you are really serious about quitting and I mean really quitting…quitting for life, you not only want to quit but you are making the decision right now when to quit and how to get the help you need to become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.  Then I can help you.  All I need you to have is a desire to be a non-smoker.

QUIT SMOKING HANDSWhen I work with a smoker to give up the habit for good, we work together to create a true non-smoker someone who is completely unbothered by cigarettes, who despite perhaps being surrounded by smokers isn’t fazed at all by the smoke, someone who can see others smoking and doesn’t constantly have to think “WOW I really could go one of those”, someone who truly just does not care about smoking.

I don’t want to turn you into one of those reformed smokers, you know the ones they are constantly telling you how bad smoking is, how much it smells, as if you don’t know that…RIGHT? Often they are what I consider, smokers who just resist cigarettes, they still have way too much of an emotional connection to cigarettes and its hard work to live life like that.

I want you to wake up each morning and think as much about not smoking as you would anything else you don’t do…just like you wouldn’t wake up and say “I am a non-surfer today” if you don’t surf the thought wouldn’t even enter your mind…and when you become a true non-smoker that’s exactly how life will be. If you want to become a Non Smoker for good, then give me a call and let me help you make the change for life.


I work with a 2 session Program to Quit.  99% of my clients are non-smokers when Session 1 is finished, they leave my office Non-Smokers.  Session 2 they continue as non-smokers, we reinforce the work done in Session 1 and tidy up anything that is needed.

Session 1 –  2 hours

Session 2 – 1 hour – held 3-7 days after Session 1

Don’t pay hundreds of $$$ to quit, my fees to quit are the same as my normal clinical hypnotherapy clients pay not hundreds more.

Fees as at  15 May 2018

2 Sessions – Full Price $360.00 (payable at Session 1)

**Health Fund Rebates Apply** Check with your health fund



“I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! I cant believe how easy it has been to quit smoking, I have tried 4 times to give up with little success, this is the first time I have been able to go from being 30 a day smoker to nothing, not a single smoke since I have seen you…this is too easy”


“I am 45 days on and still smoke free, my husband is still puffing away and it doesn’t bother me, I keep telling him to come see you but like you said he has to want to quit, so Im just going to be happy that I have stopped”


“This is the first time in 30 years that I haven’t smoked, I didn’t think it was possible. Thank you”


“Thanks again Charmaine, I couldn’t have done it without you. I know that this time its for good, I don’t even think about it. PS – Have even started drinking coffee again and your right its all good lol”


“After I watched my mum die of lung cancer I thought it would be enough, when I was told I had the early stages of emphysema I thought it would be enough but it wasn’t, thank god I was told about you and now I am a non-smoker for 4 months. Thank you Charmaine”


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