EFT for Food Cravings

To understand EFT for Food Cravings I would like to get personal with you.

EFT to eliminate Food Cravings is one of the most effective tools I have ever seen, now being a Clinical Hypnotherapist we have ways and means to lowering your desire for certain foods and sometimes we can be successful in eliminating it all together but I have to tell you when I experienced EFT for a Food Cravings first hand on something that I myself had a major problem with I was totally shocked, surprised and excited that it had the power to make changes on such a huge scale.
Our food cravings are very much linked with our emotions and our memories, think of when you were a child how often did you fall over and scrap a knee and someone came along (eg mum/nan) scooped you up gave you a cuddle and said “here’s a biscuit” or ‘here’s a lollipop” an ice cream etc. We went to the Dr for a needle we got a lolly, we ate all our dinner we got sweets, we are brought up in a society where food is a reward.

In all the work I have done with clients using EFT for Food Cravings what comes up over and over again is that there is always a memory, a memory of a food having significant meaning to them emotionally, whether it’s getting the freedom to go to the shop on your bike when you are 7 years old to get ice cream or sitting around the table with family sharing a freshly baked loaf of bread there are emotions, memories, happy times, sad times, family times associated with food. Is it any wonder?

EFT for Food CravingsIsn’t it how most of us celebrate a birthday, Christmas, a graduation…. food…food…. food. So the next time you are eating that packet of biscuits, think of what it reminds you of, what it smells like, what it tastes like, do you remember the first time you had that particular food and you will find you are not just eating biscuits, you are eating love, happiness, freedom, grandma’s cuddles.
EFT helps to disassociate those memories and feelings from a particular food so that particular food no longer had those grand associations, it’s just a chocolate biscuit, it’s just a slice of bread.

My Story

I will tell you a little of my story in order to understand what I mean. I have always had struggles with my weight and it has only been in recent years after having hypnosis, having a virtual gastric band put on my stomach and dealing with my relationship with food and body, that I thankfully no longer have that struggle and now really enjoy working with other people, to help them to achieve their weight loss goals.

imagesHA9ZOXUUDuring the work I did I myself and having help along the way I knew that I had no choice but to deal with my 2LT per day Coke Zero addiction. I could not go without Coke Zero and it was a big problem, I would always make sure there was plenty in the cupboard, one always in the fridge, I would start at 10am and continue on into the night, that was pretty much all I drank. So when I first heard about the effectiveness of EFT for Food Cravings I had the perfect target. I was in a classroom full of other therapists learning the technique most of them had their chocolate or lollies, chips the normal run of the mill cravings and there I was with my Coke Zero and a whole pile of scepticism!!!!!
I took my Coke Zero smelt it, sipped it, drank it. I started tapping and saying the statements around why I loved it, how it tasted, what I got from it, what it reminded me off etc.
As the process went on, it started to taste different, the fizz went, then the strong sugary flavour went, before I knew it the coke taste that I loved changed. What it was, what it tasted like, was a very strange flavoured water.
In less than 40 mins, I had what looked like Coke in that bottle in front of me, the same bottle I started with… but inside something very strange had happened, it no longer tasted the way it used to, it no longer had all the normal flavours, fizz etc.
*** Coke Zero now tasted like flat syrupy water and was not appealing to me at all***
Now, you might think what I was thinking….that I would go home get my bottle out of the fridge and it would be fine…BUT it wasn’t not at all, in fact by the time I got home I really didn’t have any interest in even trying it, drinking it, my desire was gone.
It was probably about one week later when I finally decided I wanted to taste it….and guess what IT WAS YUK, it still tasted like flat syrupy water. How is that even possible? Well I don’t know but years on I still can’t drink it!!
Now I have had it very occasionally at a friend house when there is nothing else and I can happily tell you I’m lucky to drink half a glass before I go throw it down the sink.
And now, well I help clients all the time with their food cravings whether its chocolate, lollies, cake, bread, soft drink, coffee, alcohol this stuff works, even after studying the how and why’s it still amazes me to no end when one session…yep ONE SESSION 99% of the time is the end of that food craving.
imagesJ6HT33ILNow that doesn’t mean that you can never eat chocolate ever again, but it does mean that it loses its power over you and you can be in control. You can choose whether you would like to have some or not and by some I mean you might have a piece and be like “yep chocolate” rather than “I need a whole block”.
For me Coke Zero had to go completely I don’t drink it anymore, don’t like it, don’t need it, have no desire for it at all…. Gone!!! EFT is amazing but for me Food Cravings is incredible!!!!

Useful Links

Here in Australia we are very lucky to have Dr Peta Stapleton a Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor at Bond University here on the Gold Coast and she ran the first Clinical Trial on EFT for Food Cravings and has had amazing results…feel free to visit her site and review her research http://petastapleton.com/?page_id=284
Food Craving article by Dr Peta Stapleton can also be found here

The Psychology of Food Cravings and Emotional Eating

Food Craving Trials – Research Results – 6mths and 12mths post EFT


EFT for Food Cravings are 90mins – $150.00

If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me on 0414303719 or via the Contact Us page.


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