Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology is fast and growing field, it incorporates a holistic and mind body approach to understand and improve the relationship between the bioenergy systems, physiological processes and the mind – including thoughts, emotions, sensations and behaviour. We are not “just” the mind nor are we “just” the body but a complex and intricate system where thought affects the body and vice versa, the mind body connection and the way Energy Psychology works involves all systems as they interact and are interwoven on many levels.

imagesEnergy Psychology is often described as psychological acupuncture as most of the techniques utilize acupuncture and acupressure points, using body tapping to stimulate the points of the body that connect through meridian system and correlate to thoughts, emotions and organs. The processes use these points to send signals to the brain to help the brain to regulate emotional responses in certain memories and or situations. Energy Psychology is based on the theory that mental & physical health conditions are related to stuck and stagnant energy within the body, this stuck energy then alters the flow and functions of the bodies electrical energies and energy fields. These theories have been used and to produce healing effects through the body for centuries, things such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, a lot of the Chinese medicine theory and many of the Energy healing modalities have been using these holistic approaches to treat mind and body for years.

Energy psychologists combine working with the body, to regulate the electrical signals or energy fields and evidence based exposure therapy to retrain the brain and help individuals overcome many of the physical and emotional reactions affecting health and wellbeing.

One of the main areas that Energy Psychology is used is traumatic events, these events not only replay in the mind but also become trapped in the body system and can have a negative impact on the way a person looks at life. Traumatic events trapped in the mind-body system can have a negative impact on a person’s outlook on life, their future experiences, emotional regulation and ability to relate to others. It is being shown over and over again that using energy psychology techniques in therapy can help a person release these events more rapidly and have greater and long lasting effects than with standard talk therapies alone.

1426557497419Traumatic memories and fears tend to create a state of hyperarousal. Hyperarousal is often described as anxiety states – rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms/body, shallow breathing, nausea, jumping arms/legs, clouded thoughts & muscular tension, but can also include decrease pain tolerance, feelings of dread, jumpiness, difficulty sleeping, increase emotional responses – including anger, depression and/or difficulty functioning in specific areas of life or over many aspects of daily routine.

Many types of therapy, especially those that treat conditions such as anxiety and post-traumatic stress, help people reduce states of hyperarousal.

Specific to energy psychology is the theory that stimulation of meridian points can send signals to the brain to help reduce hyperarousal. When this reduction in hyperarousal is paired with the memory of, or exposure to things that produce anxiety and negative emotions, the body and mind become better able to create new, healthier responses. This leads to individuals experiencing less hyperarousal when they are exposed to previous triggers.

Often patients using Energy Psychology methods are able to not only talk and gain insight and understanding to situations in their life past or present (such as normal talk therapy processes) but are able to process and release these emotions & physical symptoms, release the trauma to a point where it no longer affects them, no longer bothers them where they can regain normal function of life on a day to day basis.

So if you have been to talk therapy eg counselling, psychology etc and you have not got the results you are after, if you are still dealing with anxiety on a daily basis, if you are still dealing with trauma from yesterday or last year or 10 years ago it is never too late.

Try Energy Psychology and finally be free to move on with your life!!!!

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