With all the myths and misconceptions concerning hypnosis and hypnotherapy, it’s understandable that you might not know what to expect or you might feel apprehensive about booking your first hypnotherapy session. So it’s probably a good idea to find out as much as possible about hypnosis and what you might experience.

Many people, and I did too, expect to somehow feel very different or to have an “out of this world” experience when they are in hypnosis. That would be truly amazing…but the truth is that hypnosis is really a very normal natural state. It’s very similar to daydreaming or the feelings of relaxation you experience just moments before you fall asleep. The difference is that during a hypnotherapy session this pleasant state is deliberately directed the hypnotherapist.

Will I be able to “go under” or “be hypnotised”?
These are common terms that Hypnotherapists hear, it comes from watching stage hypnosists, they make it look very magical and mystical but they have created some very incorrect views of the hypnotic state.

Hypnosis is a normal and natural state, it occurs when the brain waves cycles per second slow down, everyone goes through this slowing of the brain waves every night on the way to deep sleep and everyone comes back up through these same cycles every morning as you wake. So in short the answer is YES if you go to sleep and night and wake up in the morning you are able to achieve the hypnosis.

Can everyone be guided into that state by a Hypnotherapist?
In general, YES most people can hypnotised assuming they want to be. Hypnosis requires your full agreement. It’s impossible to hypnotise anyone against their will. Some hypnotherapy techniques work better for some than others, just as you’ll respond better to some hypnotherapists more than others.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t want to be hypnotised then you won’t be. Most people can be hypnotised – with very few exceptions. These are people with a very low IQ, those under the influence of alcohol or drugs, very young children and people with certain medical and psychiatric conditions.

But I am very strong willed or strong minded?
That’s great, we usually find that the stronger the mind the better the process works for people.

What does hypnosis/hypnotherapy feel like?
Hypnosis is a state where your mind is absorbed in certain thoughts or activities. So you are unlikely to feel anything during a hypnotherapy session that you have never experienced before. You will be surprised by how “normal’ hypnosis and hypnotherapy feel.

Try this….Think of the last time you got so absorbed in a hobby or activity that you were oblivious to what was going on around you. Or recall a time when you become really engrossed in a good book or a great movie. Or think of a time when you drove your car for many kilometres and were surprised when you arrived at your destination with no memory of certain parts of your drive. Or that warm dreamy sleepy feeling of sitting by a warm fire and listening to some relaxing music. All of these are hypnotic type states.

The wonderful thing about Hypnotherapy is that there’s no correct way of being or feeling whatever you experience is absolutely right for you.

Will I be unconscious during my hypnotherapy treatment?
NO. Some people mistakenly believe that hypnotherapy or hypnosis causes unconsciousness, but this is NOT true. You are deeply relaxed during a hypnotherapy session and feel very comfortable but your subconscious mind is clear and alert. At the end of your hypnotherapy session you’ll come out of hypnosis feeling refreshed, energised and feeling good.

What if I fall asleep during my hypnotherapy session?
Hypnosis is not sleep, but a form of heightened attention, sometimes you will hear me or other hypnotherapists use the word sleep but it is used in a different context it is referred to a hypnotic sleep which is just that relaxed focused state of attention. You may look as if your asleep but your mind will remain clear and in control. If you do become so relaxed that you actually do fall asleep then your therapist will just gently bring you up to a level of focused awareness that will allow the session to continue as before.

What if I don’t wake up from hypnosis/hypnotherapy?
You cannot get stuck in hypnosis any more than being stuck in a daydream. If you did happen to fall asleep like many people do using a hypnosis CD then you would just fall into a natural sleep and wake up normally in the morning after a lovey rest.

Will I be under control or be under the power of the hypnotherapist?
Many people think that Hypnotherapy is a form of mind control, this misconception usually comes from the stage shows and how things look. In Hypnosis you will not lose self control infact you will gain more control. You can’t be forced to disclose any information that you wouldn’t normally disclose. You will be in charge of your thoughts, feelings and actions the whole time.

How many session will I need?
My sessions are designed to get the best results in as few visits as possible, with most clients noticing definite improvements if not fixes after as little as one to two sessions. As I treat all clients individuality it is hard for me to say until we have sat down and looked carefully at what you would like to achieve in your life, I am however usually able to give you a rough idea over the phone or at your first session.

howmanyThe American Health Magazine published these findings from a study that was conducted rating hypnotherapy as opposed to other “talk” therapy methods. Research shows that Hypnotherapy claims a 93% recovery rate after only 6 sessions.

Better still, it’s extremely rare for my clients to require as many as 6 sessions unless there are more serious ongoing complex issues to be dealt with.

I much prefer fewer sessions of a higher quality, I am not interested in seeing the same clients week after week with little or no progress, if I’m not the person to assist you to achieve your goals then I will be upfront and honest with you and do my upmost to help with any referral process to get you on your way to the person that can best assist you. That is my promise.

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact me anytime on 0414303719.