Crystal Healing Level 1 & Level 2

Crystal Awareness/Healing Workshop (Level 1)

Do you love crystals ?

Do you ask what each one is good for but then put them on the shelves around your home ?

Want to know more about the amazing power of crystals ?

Discover how you can use crystals to enhance all aspects of your life. Learn how to cleanse, program & experience their energies in this fun, hands-on and informative workshop.

This is a very hands-on experience and more than 1/2 the day is spent on massage tables learning techniques in chakra balancing including how to move stubborn blockages & pendulum skills. You will also learn & experience as both client & practitioner 6 full crystal healing grids that you can use on yourself or within a healing session with clients.

6 Crystal Healing Grids are:  Cleanse & Balance, Stress Relief, Psychic Awareness, Energy Boost, Mental Body (to clear mental chatter & overwhelm) & last but not least the Super Healer Grid for powerful healing.

Take the crystals off the shelves and learn how to work with their amazing power.

NEXT COURSE – SATURDAY 18TH MAY, 2019 – 8.30AM – 5.30PM


Crystal Healing Level 2 (Advanced)

Are you ready to take your Crystal Healing to the next level ?

Crystal Healing 2 is a full 2 day workshop which builds on the information taught in Level 1, the workshop includes the following:

  • A comprehensive study of the 7 chakra system
  • A comprehensive study of the Transpersonal chakras
  • Intermediate & Advanced Chakra gridding techniques
  • Crystal Gridding for Feng shui/rooms/houses/properties
  • Advanced Pendulum techniques
  • Crystal Spirits and Crystal Keepers
  • Working intuitively to conduct healing
  • Crystal Essences the when, why & how – the practical making of essences
  • More crystal grids to enhance, cleanse and balance the energy system – includes healing grids for
    • Personal Potential
    • Emotional Releasing
    • Cleanse, Align, Repair & Protect
    • Astral Plane
    • Cord Cutting
    • Libido increasing (by popular demand)

Everything you need to know to incorporate Crystal Healing into your sessions with clients.

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Workshop Investment is – $495.00 (includes comprehensive manual and crystal essences to take home)

Enquire or call 0414 303 719

Level 2 Crystal Healing (Advanced) Certificate is awarded on completion