10 Session Meditation & Spiritual Development Course


Come and enjoy the company of like-minded people as you open your consciousness, expand your knowledge and develop your intuition & psychic abilities.This course is very practical with lots of tools, techniques and hands on experiences and has been broken down into bite sized chunks that all build on one another.

What does the course cover?

Session 1 – Energy/Psychic Protection

  • What is it?  Why is it important?
  • The how to’s – of creating energy protection
  • How to protect your energy when being drained by those around you.
  • Crystals for Protection

Session 2 – Cleansing

  • How to clear/cleanse your energy
  • How to clear others energy
  • Smudging/House cleansing
  • Practical exercises
  • Crystals for cleansing

Session 3 – The Clairs

  • What is Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizant, Clairalience, Clairambience
  • What are the ways we can tap into our intuition
  • How do you communicate with spirit
  • What are your psychic gifts
  • Crystals to help you open to your psychic gifts


Session 4 – Chakras – Part 1 (Base, Sacral & Solar)

  • What are Chakras
  • How do Chakras effect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually
  • How do we work with our Chakras to be in alignment
  • Positive & Negative Aspects of our chakras
  • What is the sound vibration/toning that we can use for each chakra
  • Crystals for each chakra

Session 5 – Chakras – Part 2 (Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown)

  • Continue the journey into the understanding of the higher chakras
  • Positive & Negative Aspects of our chakras
  • What is the sound vibration/toning that we can use for each chakra
  • Crystals for each chakra

Session 6 – Grounding & New Moon/Full Moon Astrology

  • Why grounding is the missing link in fully embracing your intuition/psychic abilities
  • Why grounding is so important
  • How to ground – tools and practical steps you can take
  • Grounding crystals
  • New Moon & Full Moon Astrology – How to use the energy of the moon for cleansing/manifesting


Session 7 – Auras

  • What is an aura
  • Developing your ability to see auric fields
  • Practical exercises – A partner exercise to see auras, group exercises to feel auras, sense auras
  • Colours meanings
  • Crystals to cleanse & clear the aura

Session 8 – Spirit Guides

  • What are spirit guides, who are they & where do they come from
  • What is the difference between spirit guides & angels
  • Who do you call on for what
  • Meet & connect with your own spirit guide
  • Crystals to connect with your guide

Session 9 – Etheric Cords

  • What are etheric cords
  • Why are they there
  • How are they created and what can we do to remove them
  • Cutting cords
  • Exercise – see, feel, sense your cords and learn to cut & remove them
  • Crystals to do cord cutting


Session 10 – Past lives, Soul contracts, Soul Groups

  • Journey to a past life and discover who you were
  • What are soul contracts
  • Why are we here
  • What are soul groups, how do they work, who is in them
  • How do we choose our lives, why we choose our parents, family
  • Soulmates
  • Past life crystals

How does a class look?

Each week we will begin with a guided meditation, then we will cover specific topics (handouts given) and exercises for your learning, growth and to deepen your connection. We then break for a quick cuppa and come back to focus our energies on the psychic development portion of the class giving you the tools and a space to develop your own intuition & psychic abilities with the use of

  • Cards
  • Psychometry
  • Flower readings
  • Energy readings
  • Photo readings

Course Dates

Night Course

Day Course