Bariatric Surgery Support

Surgery is really only one half of the story

  • Are you still struggling after bariatric surgery?
  • Do you want to end the war between your mind and body?
  • Are your thoughts, behaviours and old habits coming back?
  • Hungry all the time? Can’t stop eating?
  • Are you finding ways around your surgery?
  • Are you gaining weight or not losing any further weight?
  • Do you lack the motivation to exercise?
  • Are you forming bad habits with alcohol?

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As bariatric surgery has become more and more popular,  Ive had an increasing number of patients contacting me to find out if there was anything I could do, using hypnosis, that would help them end the battle they were having in their minds. They were frustrated, some had started re-gaining weight or their weight loss had stalled completely.  Some were back to their old ways, old habits and behaviours were creeping in, they found ways around the restriction, making poor choices, some were having an increasing battle with alcohol.  They knew that what was going on for them was not a physical problem, surgery had done its part, it had created a restriction, they knew that what was happening was a result of their mindset.

Some clients had surgery with no psychological support at all, some had a few sessions and didn’t find it useful, some had sessions and thought they were doing just fine. Some realised 12-18 months down the track that their “fine” was, in fact, the “honeymoon” phase and now that phase had ended, they found themselves needing help and not knowing where to go, some even feeling embarrassed that, even the surgery wasn’t working anymore.

So in early 2017, using the same idea as the Virtual Gastric Band (for normal weight loss), using hypnosis, I created a hypnotic reconstruction of the sleeve or bypass (depending on what surgery the patient had).  The “Pouch Reconstruction” or “Sleeve Reconstruction” is to hypnotically remove any stretched areas of pouch/sleeve, tighten it back to post-surgery size and then we reinforce the pouch/sleeve with a titanium mesh so that it will remain that size permanently.

Now, of course, consciously you know that I haven’t cut you open and completed a surgery in my very comfortable recliner chair, in-fact to my knowledge this surgery doesn’t even exist in real life.  But under hypnosis, the sub-conscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between real and imagined…and what’s even better is that because you have previously, actually had the physical surgery the sub-conscious mind remembers what that is like, it remembers that tiny tummy you came home with and sets about making that change at the deepest sub-conscious level.

This method and process allow the mind to catch up with the body and recreate the connection between mind and stomach allowing you to feel super full and satisfied with smaller amounts once again.  This is then reinforced with an audio hypnosis which you listen to each night as you go to sleep. Essential giving you hypnotic reinforcement of that tiny tummy each and every night.

Now, because we know that the surgery is only half the story…right? Or you wouldn’t be reading these words looking for answers and assistance to your eating problems. Surgery creates physical restriction, what it doesn’t take care of is your mind and your emotions and that is where the majority of the problem lies…


We then move into the real work…

The work that we do in further sessions serves to create a powerful connection between your mind and your stomach. We begin the process of re-learning intuitive eating skills that we are all born with but forget somewhere in the years of dieting, overeating and bingeing.


We then work on the following –

(in no particular order as all sessions are personalised to your specific issues, but this is a range of things that I typically work on)

  • Mindful eating tools – your brain needs to be satisfied on smaller amounts of food and there is a way, a very powerful way to create pleasure, satisfaction & enjoyment from even the smallest meal –   (See – MB-EAT Training Classes, which can also form part of your healing journey with food)
  • Intuitive eating skills
  • Auto pilot eating – picking/snacking/grazing
  • Cravings & addictions
  • Letting go of years of diet mentality
  • Letting go of weight focus
  • Creating new healthy habits for mind and body
  • Mind-Body Nutrition
  • Learn how to deal with emotional eating, stress eating, comfort eating in all its forms
  • Fears around your new body
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Holding onto protective weight
  • Learning how to deal with a new you and how other’s reaction to a new you
  • Body Image
  • Phantom Fat (like a phantom limb – when you still see yourself as the big person you use to be)
  • Perfectionism
  • Body awareness – getting connected to your body
  • Motivation to move
  • Social situations, dinners, parties, celebrations
  • Personal relationships/family/partners
  • Self-acceptance, self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence
  • Guilt/Shame
  • Loving yourself (or even liking yourself)
  • Negative self-talk, negative thinking
  • Alcohol issues (if relevant)
  • Finding peace with food and your body once and for all

We look at why you have found yourself here, what lead you to become the weight you were and looking (gently) at the underlying root cause for your weight and the purpose it served.

I teach you tools, techniques and methods to overcome the barriers that have held you back and teach you the skills you need to finally find peace with food and your body.


Reconstructed Sleeve or ByPass / In conjunction with R.E.S.E.T

For the best results with your new mind “Reconstructed Sleeve” or Reconstructed ByPass”, we highly recommend also including the 7 day R.E.S.E.T process. The RESET process mimics the post-op diet that you had when you had your original surgery. Not only does this further assist the conditioning of the mind, but helps to increase the sensitivity of the now much smaller pouch/sleeve.

The good news is that we make this part even easier but including suggestions in the hypnosis to specifically to get you through the RESET easily and effortlessly..
We have teamed up with Tiny Tummyz a local Gold Coast company who are just as passionate as I am, to help everyone post surgery to achieve their dreams.

All the hard work is done for you, Tiny Tummyz takes care of all the food, through the 3 phases of your RESET – fluid, puree & soft…they even provide super yummy meals for tiny tummy all year round. So whether you want to have back up freezer meals ready to go at a moments notice in your perfect portion size or you want to get all meal prep out of the way while you concentrate on other things in your life then they have the answer..

For more information on the food aspect, you can contact Tiny Tummyz here, they are offering all Hypnotherapy 4 the Soul clients 10% OFF their order.


Reconstructed Sleeve / Pouch Program – 6 Session Program

What you get is –

Session 1 – 3 hours
This is where I get a really good history in your relationship with food and body and get all the information I need to know where you are at right now and where we need to go.

It is in this very 1st session that we will do the hypnosis session for the reconstruction, so you will be getting the benefits from the 1st session. It is here you would start the RESET process (this is optional but VERY highly recommended)

Then you get 5 full 90 min sessions

Session 2,3,4,5 & 6 x each 90min Sessions (first 3 are weekly, then we start spacing them out)

These sessions are where we get into all the juicy goodness of changing your relationship with food and body. All sessions are personalised for you, for your specific needs and issues. Each session will be a combination of coaching/counselling/eating psychology and hypnosis. Generally – 4 hypnosis sessions and 1 non-hypnosis session, again this will vary depending on your specific needs. There will also be homework/workbooks for you to complete to help your transformation. The above list is an idea of the types of things we will cover.

4 Hypnosis audio tracks will also be included:


  • 10.5 hours of specialised therapy
  • 4 hypnosis audio tracks
  • PLUS – 40% off attendance at any of our MB-EAT (Mindfulness-based eating awareness training) training courses

Valued at well over $1800 but we want this to be accessible to everyone

Upfront Payment (Discounted Rate)

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